IUSAH/DWH48 Inteletool Telescopic USA Hook and Drywall Hook Double Ended 4 to 8 foot

IUSAH/DWH48 Inteletool Telescopic USA Hook and Drywall Hook Double Ended 4 to 8 foot

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  • Built tough to Industrial standards, currently in use by Military and Government agencies, Businesses, Firefighters, Tradesmen and Trailblazers. Made in USA
  • Heavy duty male tool head threads into the female Inteletool telescopic pole and then secured with a nylon collar lock, will not fall off
  • Space saver, great for trunk, shelf or storage compartment in your home, vehicle (RV,4x4) place of business or on an ATV, search and rescue vehicle or fire truck
  • Great customer service! Email us at info@inteletool.com or call 330-886-TOOL (8665) with any questions
  • Special Feature: Designed to be a part of your own custom built tool kit by Inteletool.
  • Cost Saver Idea! The way to bring the cost of this tool down is to buy multiple tool heads and a few handles. The cost per tool comes down exponentially. Ex. if you buy 6 heads and 2 handles the avg. cost is $370.00 spread out over 6 tool options available to you = $60 per tool.
About this interchangeable tool s: These IUSAH- USA hook and IDWH- Drywall hook firefighting demolition tool heads come with the IPDE48- 4-8' Inteletool double ended telescopic pole. Have 2 heads on one pole. Replace 6 or more tools by owning this 2 headed genius. Extends from 4 to 8 feet, 2 feet from either end. Handle Dia. 1 1/4in.-1 1/2in. The IUSAH USA Hook is a firefighting tool designed after the Middle English tool and word Pike (pic or 'point' in Old English) that was used in the middle ages for castle defence but is used today as an Outside Vent Hook, High Ceiling Hook or Regular Hook when fighting structure fires. The IDWH Drywall Hook tool head is a firefighting tool designed with teeth for removing wall material of all types. The two tool heads are designed with corresponding acme threads that thread inside the telescopic pole. How the pole works with the heads: When combined with the Inteletool telescopic pole, the tool heads attach and detach and telescopic pole collapses for easy storage and transport. The Inteletool tool heads (male) and the all fiberglass telescopic pole (female) both utilize the ACME thread in combination with a nylon collar lock on the pole to connect the tool heads to the telescopic pole for a secure, permanent feel. The Inteletool telescopic pole features a twist & lock innerlocking mechanism with an external nylon collar lock to prevent the pole from collapsing while in use. There are no predesignated stopping points for length. Can adjust to any desired length. Strongest telescopic pole on the market! The telescopic pole youve been waiting for! Application: This double ended tool has a multitude of uses, from opening ceilings, walls, floors, moldings and casings to the rapid removal of wood, lath and plaster, tin and sheet metal, plasterboard, fiberboard and sheetrock. This tool is designed to be a part of your own custom built tool kit by Inteletool.