Multi-task Tool |The Right Tool for Any Job | Inteletool

The Inteletool system appeals to a variety of adventurers including
 Military personnel, gardeners, firefighters, hikers, campers, mountain bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. More than just easy to store and transport, Inteletool does every job in a uniquely different way.
Inteletool, the strongest and most versatile interchangeable telescopic tool system in the world, truly is "The Tool Solution".

Made in USA

Inteletool-The Tool Solution is the world’s first Industrial Interchangeable telescopic garden, maintenance and firefighting tool system.  It is built tough to Industrial standards, currently in use by Military and Government agencies, Businesses, Firefighters, Tradesmen and Trailblazers. 

This versatile multi-task tool is easy to use!  It has a heavy duty male tool head that threads into the female Inteletool telescopic pole and then secured with a nylon collar lock and will not fall off.

The Inteletool is a space saver, great for trunk, shelf or storage compartment in your home, vehicle (RV,4x4) place of business or on an ATV, search and rescue vehicle or fire truck